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Apartment 508
On a scummy stretch of road
Between Patricia and 17th
There are two shady men
Hanging out on the corner
The hookers on the sidewalk
Are prowling about
Yowling warnings
At each other
And the cops on the beat
Wait in the dirty back alley
Leaning against their patrol cruisers
Chatting away
Welcome to the neighborhood.
There's a tall apartment complex
An old building
Outside the back door
Are two maple trees
On the second floor
A little dog
Watches you from the window
Sitting beneath a large
Faded white Canucks banner
A wrinkled old man
Might open the door for you
He never talks
Even if you thank him
The closet-sized elevators
Always smell of something
Wet dog, marijuana
Greasy takeaway
or men's cologne
You'll leave your
Scent behind too
For someone else
To sniff and ponder
You can hear water
Running endlessly
The entire place
Has a plumbing problem
The sound of it
Is loud and ceaseless
There's a couple arguing
Down the hall from you
The students living above you
Have a barbeque going
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HP: Luna Lovegood by NatashaFenik HP: Luna Lovegood :iconnatashafenik:NatashaFenik 62 4 H P: a l w a y s by Randomsplashes H P: a l w a y s :iconrandomsplashes:Randomsplashes 1,619 111
My Beautiful Atrocity
I remember making you:
I started with your eyes
Because eyes
Are the windows to the soul
Or at least
That's what they say.
Green and bottomless
I filled out the rest
Made you real
Long and lithe
Raven black hair
You were my Mona Lisa
You too
Had a mystery inside
Your smile
My pride and joy
And then I realized
Just who you were
And what I had to do
In the end
I built you and molded you
I lost track of my
Original intent
You were never meant
To be this detailed
So with every step I took
In making you
I had to take you apart
A mother you cherished
A father you abhorred
The love of your life
A vicious rival
Friends you could trust
A world that hated you
The last thing I took
Were your eyes
And your soul with them
Because you were never
Meant to be so lovely
I made you
To be the bad guy
:iconmiyakosuou:miyakosuou 3 6
Wraithlord by Knight-of-Storms Wraithlord :iconknight-of-storms:Knight-of-Storms 1 0
Surgery Scars
They dissected me in class today
It started out
Like any sort of discussion
This time it was gender theory
Before I knew it
I was on the table
And they were digging
Their scalpelled tongues in
Male and female
My blood ran down the cold metal
They mopped it up
Soaked it up
Removed my insides
Examined them critically
Disposed of the excess gore
I watched them take me apart
And then patch me back together
You can see the seams
Stitching the skin up
I look like
Frankenstein's monster
Is that really how they see me?
They don't understand –
I'm a person, too, dammit!
Like them
I'm a person
:iconmiyakosuou:miyakosuou 1 26
Boy-me says
"That girl's cute"
Girl-me ignores him
Boy-me says
"I like him"
Girl-me ignores him
Boy-me just wants
A way to be expressed
Girl-me doesn't know
How to say it
"They don't know
about you"
Girl-me says
"What if they don't
like you?"
Boy-me just shrugs
He doesn't care
If they don't like him
Then he doesn't like
Them either
Girl-me does though
Girl-me wants them
To like her
So girl-me does nothing
While boy-me complains
"Why don't you let me
take over?"
What a disaster
"You do stupid things"
It's true, so boy-me
Can't say anything
Girl-me is who
Everyone sees
Boy-me is faceless
:iconmiyakosuou:miyakosuou 3 55
Captive Soul
Once there was a bird,
A bird with bright eyes
And wide open wings
When she sang
It was if the world
Could end and no one
Would notice
Because it was
So beautiful
But sad
Because though
She was lovely
She was trapped
In a cage
Her wings useless
And her captors
Didn't see how
They tormented her
With their cruelty
So she sang
Behind her bars
Dreaming of that
Endless azure
Beyond her prison
:iconmiyakosuou:miyakosuou 1 5
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Hello again!

Sun Aug 7, 2011, 2:22 AM

I have once again updated my journal!

Hello anyone who happens to actually read this ~

I've chosen another journal layout, so I'm hoping there won't be any glitches (as I had to adjust some of the coding). I have to continually remind myself that my premium membership doesn't last forever, so I should use the benefits that it gives me before it is too late. >.<

So that is the reason that I'm trying this new layout (I can almost hear my sister saying "Cool story bro" in the distance).

It is good, however, because it reminded me that I could collect lots of stamps, yay!

Anyway, I know I haven't put up anything in a long time... sorry. I actually have a lot of older images that I've been meaning to edit (like more images from China and Muskoka), but the files are all out west. So perhaps once I'm reunited with my files I can submit some the deviantart.

I may also take some images of cos-players this year (since I haven't in the past and it is about time that I show thanks). We'll see.

So that is basically all I have to say, ttfn!

~ Cleonor

Oh, and because I wasn't able to properly put this piece into the "featured section", here's another piece I'd like people to check out!

Missing You  ~ By Miyako Suou

It is a sad story, but very well done. ; . ;

:iconmorgana007: :icondaestwen: :iconmiyakosuou: :iconstar-aesh: :icon77dragon-queen77: :iconaterras: :iconknight-of-storms: :iconkojikinte:

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  • Listening to: The house murmur
  • Reading: Count of Monte Cristo, Contact, and a bit of Plato
  • Watching: Avatar: The Last Airbender and Boys Before Flowers
  • Playing: Finished Pokemon, so nothing right now.
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: White Tea Ginger Ale with Raspberry Flavour




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